We are Fondo Impacta

At the “Impacta” private equity fund, we focus on benefiting and accompanying the growth of sustainable entrepreneurs at an early stage but with high potential for growth and innovation.

We support and finance sustainable business models located in Colombia and in the countries of the Pacific Alliance, with potential for global expansion, that promote practices of gender inclusion and are visionary in technological patterns.

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Support and finance business models in early stages with high potential for growth and innovation, which respond to the investment objective and the development of the 6 sustainability verticals: Climate Action (adaptation and mitigation), Sustainable Cities and Mobility, Agrotech and Rural Development , Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, Nature and Biobusiness, Circularity and Circular Economy.

Value Tender

We have an interdisciplinary work team that will accompany and add value to each of the sustainable business models linked to the Impacta Fund. With our Value Offer you will find:

Value Connections

  • New markets or Clients
  • Alliances
  • Other financing actors
  • Specialist support institutions
  • R&D groups
  • Access to human talent


  • Average tickets:
    • Pre Seed – 35.000 USD,
    • Seed – 95.000 USD
    • Pre Seria A – 500.000 USD
  • Instruments: Equity, Convertible note, Debt
  • Co – investment

Strategic Mentoring

  • ESG analysis and measurement
  • Mentors and advisors
  • Business growthing tools

Governance Good Practices

  • Performance monitoring
  • Good practices in decision making
  • Key team permanence policies


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