What is Fondo Impacta

We are a private equity firm that invests in sustainable entrepreneurship at an early stage. We aid the companies in our portfolio in the process of enforcing the standards of the ESG.


Fondo Impacta will promote the development of the abundance mindset for Colombia, the planet, and mankind. We firmly believe that supporting sustainable entrepreneurship is an effective way to generate economic growth, reduce poverty, and preserve the environment.


We seek to create sustainable development in society. Encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in people, through accompaniment and teamwork, we will promote the growth of sustainable entrepreneurships in the country.


Become the market reference, due to our strategy of providing intelligent capital to companies that link social, environmental and corporate governance during the development process



EAN University:

We are living in an ever-changing environment that motivates us to rethink concepts such as wellbeing, prosperity and development. We are Ean University, an example of the real sustainable entreprenaurship.

That’s why Ean University, for more tan 52 years, it has been transforming itself in order to face new educational challenges appropriately

Our main purpose is based on two groups: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
At Ean, we encourge our students to develop their abilities in entrepreneurship
and sustainability.